Things to know before selling your house in Nepal

1. Setting a reasonable price

If you’re trying to sell your house, setting a realistic price is very important.You need to do some research and understand the market and its trend and set the price likewise.Avoid making emotional decisions and pricing the house too high or low.

2. Repairing the property

There could be some repairing needed which are left or which you have not noticed.Also check for worn out paints and you can also try a new layer of paint, as it generally does some amazing things to make an effect and attract more people.

3. Check the Papers

Before you advertise the property,you need to find, check and gather all the legal and civic documents that were create at the time of the buying. Ensure all the records are prepared and finish to maintain a strategic distance from any last-minutes bothers.

4. Advertising your property

You could either hire an agent or do it your self.Now-a-days there are many property listing sites where you can list the house and sell it without and commission.You need to click high quality pictures of the property and list it on social media and property listing sites.

5.Prematurely accepting an offer

Be patient when it comes to accepting offers made by the buyers.Do not get excited and accept the first offer.There could be many more offers coming your way which may give you a even better price.


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