5 ways to make your bedroom look bigger in Nepal

1.Use light color

Choosing colors for your room walls and ceilings can be a headache. If you want to make your room appear bigger, you should consider using light color.Light color creates an illusion of making a room look bigger and brighter.Light and bright walls are more reflective,which makes rooms more open while dark color absorbs more light making a room appear smaller.

2. Put less items in the room

Decorating the room with less items and keeping it tidy and organized makes the room appear larger.Use minimal quantity of furniture and you will notice your room has become more spacious.There’s nothing that makes a small space experience cramped greater than having too much stuff. With things neatly arranged and out of sight, the space that is in view will fill orderly and open.

3.Add mirros

Adding mirrors to your bedroom is a great way to make is appear larger.Mirrors are one of the easiest approaches to fool the eye into thinking a room is greater than it is.Place mirrors on dark walls that don’t get much natural light.
Mirrors allows you to bounce light from windows and create the illusion of large space.

4. Use few larger decoratives instead of many smaller ones

If you are thinking of decorating the rooms,consider using larger items.Choose large painting for walls and other decoratives such as lamps,flower vase etc making an illusion of bigger space.Lots of small knick-knacks tend to feel like clutter and make a room look smaller.

5.Vertical storage

Instead of going for large and bulky shelves and storage units, choose light-weight and open vertical shelves. This not simplest enables you solve your ground space, however it also creates an illusion of space.

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