Mistakes to avoid while taking a home loan in Nepal

Choosing the home lenders before finalizing the property

The first thing to keep in mind is that,property should be finalized before choosing the bank for loan. It is better to first finalize a property, do thorough research on it, check its legal document and then apply for the loan.By doing this you can avoid any problems which may arise such as legal problems,rejections and other verification required for the loan.

Not having enough funds or miscalculating down payment

This is a common mistake that most of the people make.Miscalculation of funds can easily happen if you do not take proper assistance or do not research properly.Many people simply accept that they can proceed with a property without adequate down payment for up front installment.One must calculate the amount of down payment and separate the amount to avoid problems.

Not doing enough research

It is important that you should carry out enough research while selecting the appropriate lender for your home loan.Strongly negotiating the terms and conditions with the lenders (banks and financial institutions) that you are planning to work with is necessary.Compare all the lenders and choose the lender that offers the best terms and conditions. It helps you to reduce the cost of your home loan.

Not Insuring Your Home Loan

While taking a home loan it is equally necessary to buy a life insurance policy for emergency medical conditions. This is one of the top mistakes home buyers make.In case anything happens, you will not have to worry about paying the medical bills. Life insurance policies provide monetary benefit on death of the borrower and ensure that the family members inherit the home, not the home loan.

Repaying Capacity

Before taking a home loan,you need to find out your loan repaying capacity. You should be able to pay loan every month without hurting your lifestyle and must be able to pay other bils comfortably.Lenders always observe your earnings in addition to employment to assess the threat worried and your capacity to pay off debt.You have to additionally workout your repayment potential by way of assessing your current economic situation.

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