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Nepal Property Search is the leading Real Estate portal providing up to date Real Estate service to Buy and Sale Property in Nepal. If you are looking for property, then Nepal Property Search is the ideal resource for your property needs. It is a trusted real estate marketplace to get the right solutions for residential property, commercial property, and other property types. NepalPropertySearch.com is Nepal's largest real estate website, where one can easily and quickly buy, sell, and rent property. 

Nepal Property Search is an online stage acting as an internet searcher or advertising agency where buyers, sellers and brokers/agents can trade information about real estate properties rapidly, viably and modestly.We help Property searchers find properties & make an informed choice through a variety of properties.Property sellers by making property selling online simple, quick & simple through creative marketing solutions.

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Foreigners will soon be able to buy apartments in Nepal

Foreigners will soon be able to buy apartments in Nepal. The government has started preparation for amending the Civil Code 20121 BS for introducing a provision that allows ...

5 things to know before buying land in Nepal

Nepal -a country with different flavor of weather. Three different regions divided by it's geographical features have distinguished features to describe. When snow falls in Mountain region we ...

Five things to know before buying House in Nepal

There are different kind of houses build with purposes some with Business and some with residential. Some of the house might not be strong the substance they use ...

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