5 things to do before renting your house in Nepal

Decide the rent amount

The rent amount does not look like a big deal but it can ease up your renting process. You must decide the rent amount according to the location of your house. You can either set low rates for quick rent out or set comparatively high rates if the house is furnished.

Rental Agreement

Rental agreement is the contract that keeps both the tenant and the owner in the boundary of law. It is very important to avoid any problems which may occur in the future. All the conditions must be agreed by both the tenant and the owner to form this agreement.

 Advertise your property

Nowadays to rent your property, you either need to take the help of brokers or you can advertise your house on websites such as nepalpropertysearch.com. Advertising will help you to get better tenants. You will be able to choose the tenants based on your requirements due to your advertisement.

 Plumbing works

Plumbing works can be a burden to anyone. Make sure you check things related to plumbing such as taps, showers, leakage etc before you rent the property. These are the extra costs that you have to pay to attract more people.

 Elecrical works

Such as plumbing works, electrical works are also very important to keep on mind. Check for any problems in the plugs of the electrical circuit. If you are renting out a semi-furnished or furnished house, it is necessary to check that all the appliances are in good condition such as washing machines, microwaves, air-conditioners, etc.


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