5 factors that affect the value of the property in Nepal


Location is considered a key aspect when it comes to the value of the property. A similar property in two separate locations will vary in price. The house which is closer to restaurants, schools, main roads, public transport, shops and which has many amenities will have a higher value.

The size of the house

This is one of the most important factors that affect the value of the property. In most of the places in Nepal the size of the land or house is measured in ropanies, aana, paisa and daam. Bigger the size of the house more the value of the

Home Upgrades

Upgrades in a property mean renovating of the rooms, adding amenities, changing designs, etc. By these upgrades and improvements you can increase the value of your property. People do not want to live in old and outdated homes, and are willing to pay more for those houses which are attractive and are well updated.

Architecture and interior design

Architecture is the way the house is designed. Along with architecture interior design also has a great impact on the value of the house. A house that is well designed inside and out will attract more people and also will increase the price of property.

Age and Condition

Those homes which are new will have a higher value as compared to the old ones because they do not require and renovation and are made according to the new trend. The condition of the house such as paint, plumbing, electrical works, etc will also affect the value of the property.

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