5 Ways to Refresh Your Space

Embrace natural light

With warmer days comes more sun, so open those blinds and bask in the natural light. Instead of flipping on your lights in the morning, pull back the curtains and let sunshine light the way. The simple act of opening your windows can help lift your mood, and you’ll save a little on your electric bill too.

Clean, Declutter & Organize

It seems simple but a deep cleaning and decluttering can instantly revitalize a room and make our home much more livable. It can even inspire us to do more! But even if you only go this far, it will surely make a major difference in refreshing your home. Set goals to clean and declutter one space at a time, and then work to organize anything left behind.


Toss pillows are the easiest way to bring in pattern to your home without commitment. Mix in some of your favorite bright colors for a fun summertime look. When fall arrives, swap them out for patterned pillows in jewel tones to add warmth to the atmosphere.

Reframe, Re-Shade, and Re-Group

Have a picture or painting you love that’s still in an antique gold frame but you’ve moved to the beach? Time to reframe.Are your lampshades looking a little dingy and dusty? Time to re-shade.And when you’ve finished, think about moving updating the way you group them.

Go green

Adding potted plants, bouquets of flowers and herb gardens to your home is a great way to bring the outdoors in. Not only do they provide beautiful focal points and improve your mood, they also give off little hits of oxygen


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