5 ways to make your home ready for office work.

With social distancing necessary across much of the country, many people working in industries deemed “non-essential” are doing their work from home. And while the constant on-going of COVID-19 news, in addition to caretaking or homeschooling responsibilities, can make it hard to stay focused on work, modifying your space can help. An organized and visually appealing work area can help you feel more productive — and more relaxed.

Here are five ways for improving your home workspace.

Focus on your space

For those of us who don’t have a home office — which is many individuals — telecommute schedules can undoubtedly get crashed. Separating an area for work, regardless of whether that spot is the bill-paying zone in your kitchen, is an approach to remain in your everyday practice and get yourself in the work outlook. Whatever spot you pick, simply ensure it seems like a committed and functional work territory. That implies satisfactory lighting, an agreeable seat — the correct tallness for composing without strain — a consistent tech arrangement that permits you to take and settle on video calls without tinkering with fittings or wires, and a general absence of messiness around your work area and the encompassing region.


This seems obvious, but let’s level with ourselves. When do we really get around to cleaning our desks? Well, now’s the time. Toss anything that needs to be thrown out, pair like items with like, contain those stray pens in one nice decorative cup, and make sure you have all your workday essentials close at hand and non-essential items moved elsewhere.

Create an inspirational board

Now that you’ve set the stage, it’s time to look ahead. And that wall you’re looking at beyond your laptop should inspire you. This is as good a time as ever to put together an inspiration board and fill it with what makes you happy, from images of your favorite people and pets, to pics of your goals (like that fabulous vacation you are going to take once we’ve all gotten through this tough time!). And yes, you can put your to-dos and important reminders up there too — but keep the focus on the positive and uplifting, and keep it right in your line of sight.

Do a background check

On the off chance that video calls are important for your new everyday, consider what your associates are seeing behind you — like that heap of clothing or those generally unfilled wine glasses. Keep things spotless and cleaned up. Also, in the event that you have the space, flaunt your style. Some great foundation alternatives may be your preferred art piece, interesting souvenirs or a not-overly-stuffed bookcase. Lastly, remember lighting: Your space should be adequately lit, or it’ll look like you’re dialing in from a submarine.

Set the mood

Never got your dream office? This is your moment. We bet scented candles aren’t allowed in your regular workspace, but you get to make the rules at home. Aromatherapy diffusers are another option if you’re worried about curious kids or pets. And now your playlist can softly waft overhead rather than through earphones. Similarly, set out some healthy snacks to avoid refrigerator trips, and nosh away. It’s OK for your home office to feel like your home, and especially now, it’s important to take time to indulge yourself with some creature comforts that feed your soul and make you feel calm and inspired.


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